Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?
Rating 7.44

Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?

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Train to the End of the World, Where Does the Doomsday Train Go?, 終末トレインどこへいく?
Estado: Ongoing Estudio: Liberada: 2024 Duración: 23 min. per ep. Temporada: Tipo: TV Episodios: 12 Censurar: Censored Productoras: , , , , , Publicado por: admin Publicado el: Actualizado en:
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Sinopsis Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?

The introduction of 7G Network technology promised miraculous technological advancements; however, the aftermath of its launch plunged Japan into chaos. From drastic changes to the terrain to bizarre mutations among people, the way of life is overwritten with new rules. The town of Agano is one of the few remaining settlements, and its citizens aged 21 and above have transformed into animals.

Shizuru Chikura, a high school student from Agano, is desperately searching for her friend, Youka Nakatomi. Coming across a picture in a newspaper placing Youka in Ikebukuro, Shizuru starts packing for a trip. But with public transportation effectively shut down, her options are limited. Fortunately, Tairo Zenjirou, a senile old conductor and the only human adult in town, comes to the rescue when he teaches her how to operate an abandoned train.

With her destination set, Shizuru ventures off on a journey to find her missing friend. On the day of departure, however, her other classmates—Nadeshiko Hoshi, Reimi Kuga, and Akira Shinonome—decide to tag along at the last minute as they embark on this one-track adventure that might expose them to dangers far surpassing anything they have encountered in Agano.

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Personajes y Actores de voz

Shinonome, Akira
Shinonome, Akira Main
Kino, Hina
Kino, Hina Japanese
Chikura, Shizuru
Chikura, Shizuru Main
Anzai, Chika
Anzai, Chika Japanese
Kuga, Reimi
Kuga, Reimi Main
Kuon, Erisa
Kuon, Erisa Japanese
Hoshi, Nadeshiko
Hoshi, Nadeshiko Main
Waki, Azumi
Waki, Azumi Japanese
Zenjirou Supporting
Okitsu, Kazuyuki
Okitsu, Kazuyuki Japanese
Matsutake, Keiko
Matsutake, Keiko Supporting
Fukuen, Misato
Fukuen, Misato Japanese
Suu-chan Supporting
Izawa, Shiori
Izawa, Shiori Japanese
Kudan Supporting
Saitou, Chiwa
Saitou, Chiwa Japanese
Chaos Supporting
Kesshi Supporting
Shimoji, Shino
Shimoji, Shino Japanese


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